Mazzochi Hosting Discussion with University of Chicago on Latest COVID Advancements, Treatments

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) is pleased to host a roundtable conversation with doctors at the forefront of the innovation work at the University of Chicago against COVID-19 on Tuesday, August 11th at 5:30 p.m.

Rep. Mazzochi is bringing together leading medical professionals from the University of Chicago to discuss the latest research and clinical results. “As our district residents struggle with the process of getting back to normal, as well as decisions involving return to school, we need up to date information on COVID-19 therapies and factual information about what has been a success, and what remains a risk, particularly since Governor Pritzker has refused to accept a return to normal can occur until a vaccine or a significant treatment option is developed.”

Rep. Mazzochi will be joined by Dr. Mark J. Ratain, the Director of the University’s Center for Personalized Therapeutics and the Associate Director for Clinical Sciences at the University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. In addition, the discussion will be bolstered by Dr. Ratain’s colleagues, including Dr. Bhakti Patel, a pulmonologist at UCM, and a leading authority on non-invasive therapies that prevent long-term complications in patients on ventilators. Together they will discuss the University of Chicago’s creative approach to handling COVID patients that is providing better outcomes.

The detailed discussion is open to those in the medical field and anyone else interested in the latest information on, and advancements against, COVID-19. 

If you would like to join the conversation on Zoom, click here at 5:30pm on Tuesday, August 11th, or you can listen in by calling (214) 765-0479. If you have any questions, reach out to Rep. Mazzochi’s office at

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