Rep. Mazzochi to Host “How to Go Green” Information Seminar

Seminar will take place at the Elmhurst Public Library on Tuesday, June 25, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Rep. Mazzochi announced a “How to Go Green” seminar to help district residents learn whether their home is suited for solar; how to reduce their electric bill; and what drives taxes and fees in their energy bill, and how to address them.  

The seminar will take place on June 25th at 6:00pm at the Elmhurst Library.  

The seminar will include a combination of informational displays and a panel of speakers from ComEd.   Mazzochi, who serves on the Illinois House’s Energy and Environment Committee, explained, “ComEd is the region’s energy gatekeeper.  Residents deserve to have ComEd directly answer their questions about how to reduce their energy footprint; how they can benefit from solar installations; and get accurate information on everything from energy impact to tax credits to cost recoupment for green energy innovations.” 

Mazzochi noted that Illinois’ Clean Energy Jobs Act seeks to incentivize residents to pursue renewable energy sources, but that it is difficult to find clear and accurate information on what the Act means. “We thank the Elmhurst Public Library and ComEd for hosting this event.”

The seminar will include tables with information and displays to help residential customers, including an online calculator that will measure your home’s annual sun exposure; solar panel cost; energy generation; and available tax credits. Several ComEd speakers will also be on hand to present on these topics, and a question and answer session that Representative Mazzochi will moderate. 

“Energy is an essential part of our daily lives; and it is essential that we plan wisely for our future goals and needs.  These Seminar topics originated with topics where our office has received requests for information; and with a positive resident response we can cover even more green energy topics in the future,” Mazzochi confirmed.    

Residents who wish to attend are not required to RSVP, but may do so by visiting my website, calling the office, or by email to ensure sufficient seating; and to ensure all disabilities are accommodated.  If you have any questions please call Rep. Mazzochi’s office at (630) 852-8633 or  

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